Tuition Policy

2018-2019 Tuition / Registration Fee /Technology Fee / Parish Support Policy


Listed below are the Tuition/Registration Fees/Technology Fees and Parish Support policy for the 2018-2019.  This information applies to ALL families enrolling their children in St. John's for the 2018-19 school year.

IRegistration Fee/Technology Fee:

A.  Registration Fee for ALL Students PreK-3 (full day) and PreK-4 to 8th Grade

      A Registration Fee of $125.00 is payable for each student:
                              $65.00 (non-refundable) payable at time of registration
                              $60.00 balance payable by August 15th

B.  Technology Fee for ALL Students PreK-3 (full day) and PreK-4 to 8th Grade

         $25.00 per student, payable by August 15th

C.  Registration Fee for PreK-3 (half day) Students Only       (PreK-3 (half day) - Technology Fee – n/a)

      A Registration Fee of $150.00 is payable for each student:
                              $75.00 (non-refundable) payable at time of registration
                              $75.00 balance payable by August 15th

II. Tuition Schedule 2018-2019     (September 1, 2018 - June 1, 2019 - 10 monthly payments)                         

                                                 A.  PARISHIONER

Children in School Per Year Per Month
1 child PreK-3 (half day) $2,000 $200.00
1 child PreK-3 (full day) $4,475 $447.50
1 child PreK-4 $3,650 $365.00
1 child K-8 $3,250 $325.00
2 children K-8 $5,450 $545.00
3 children K-8 $7,125 $712.50
4 children K-8 $7,450 $755.00

                                                  B. PARISHIONER  4-Year Old Pre-K +

Children in School Per Year Per Month
1 Pre-K4 $3,650  $365.00
1 child Pre-K4 + 1Child K-8 $6,075 $607.50
1 child Pre-K4 + 2Children K-8 $7,550 $755.00

              C. NON-PARISHIONER

Children in School Per Year Per Month
1 child Pre-K3 (Half Day) $2,200 $220.00
1 child Pre-K3 (Full Day) $4,675 $467.50
1 child Pre-K4 $3,850 $385.00
1 child K-8 $4,300 $430.00
2 children K-8 $6,850 $685.00
2 children Pre-K4+K-8 $7,025 $702.50


PLEASE NOTE: Parishioner rates apply to practicing Catholic families who attend weekly Mass at St. John’s (as tracked  through the parish envelope system); for a Catholic parish that does not have its own school, you must likewise attend weekly Masses at your parish and contribute accordingly (this follows the CTGP Program).

III. Building an Excellent School Together ($400 B.E.S.T. Program) - Pre-K3 (Full Day) & Pre-K4– 8th Grade

The purpose of the B.E.S.T. Program is to ensure the vitality of the school ministry for generations to come and to secure the school’s financial stability.  Each family, Pre-K3 (Full Day) & Pre-K4 - 8th Grade, is required to generate $400 in additional revenue for the school - this does NOT apply to the Pre-K3 (Half Day) families. You may choose from among six ( 6 ) fundraisers or a combination equaling to the family credit of $400. You have the option of selling Football Pool tickets (80% of your total sales goes towards your B.E.S.T) or selling Candy Bars, Easter Candy, or Gourmet Creations (each generating 50% towards your B.E.S.T.) or selling Genevieve Giftwrap (40% of your total sales towards your B.E.S.T. credit). Last are the Gift Certificates which run throughout the school year (% varies).
Families also have the option to “BUY-OUT” their B.E.S.T. Program of $400, as well.
Again, families DO NOT need to participate in ALL the fundraisers.  Families may participate in ANY combination of these    six (6) fundraisers and/or the “buy-out” option.  The simple goal is to generate $400 of fundraising income per family in order to meet our school’s financial needs. This obligation MUST be paid by May 1st.

IV.        Guidelines for Eligibility for Parish Rate at a Parish Catholic School in the Diocese of Buffalo

Guidelines have been developed to assist all parishes throughout the Diocese of Buffalo to determine active parishioner status.  This criterion will also be applied to those families registered at a parish without a school but wishing to send their child(ren) to another parish affiliated Catholic school.

By meeting the following criterion, families are considered active parishioners and qualify to receive parishioner rate status:

1) Parish Registration/Sunday Mass Attendance – The family must be registered in a parish and attend Mass on a weekly basis with their children.  The children should be encouraged to worship in a parish faith community on Sundays and/or Saturdays in order to understand that they are nourished in faith at the parish celebration of the Eucharist.

2) Active Parish Participation/Ministry – It would be required that anyone requesting parishioner status would take part in   the ministry of the parish, for example, as a lector, Eucharistic minister, choir member, or volunteering their time and/or talents in the numerous activities of the school or parish.  This would provide another opportunity for our young people to see the close connection between faith and service.

3) Stewardship/Financial Contribution – It is expected that a family receiving parishioner status would contribute weekly to their parish weekly offertory. 

V.         Parishioners/Non-Parishioners Method of Tuition Payment

Tuition payments for the 2018-2019 school year are to be made on a 10 month payment schedule from September 1st through June 1st.  A 10 month coupon book will be given to each family.  When making your monthly payment a coupon should accompany your payment for proper credit.  Payments should be sent to the school office by the FIRST of the month.  We  ask that your payment be made by check or money order.  Your cancelled check or money order will be your receipt.  MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL.

The school office handles ALL tuition/registration/technology fee payments.  Any inquiries should be directed to the school office.  Accounts will be monitored monthly.  We ask you to remain current each month.

All tuition/registration/technology fee payments for the 2018-2019 school year MUST be paid in full by June 1, 2019, otherwise report cards, graduation diplomas, and transcripts will be withheld.

DISCOUNT - 3% discount on TUITION ONLY (Pre-K3 (Full Day) & Pre-K4 – Grade 8) will be given to a family who pays their full year's tuition by August 15th. Attach completed coupon #10 for proper credit.  The ENTIRE of the Registration Fee AND Technology Fee MUST also be paid in full by August 15th to be eligible for this tuition discount.

If a financial difficulty arises you are asked to notify Jenny Bainbridge, Principal at 877-6401 to discuss how payments may be made.

VI.        Tuition Assistance  

It is the policy of the St. John's Parish and St. John's School that no child of a registered parishioner (an active member in the parish for one full year) will be denied the opportunity of a Catholic Education due to financial inability of the family to pay their tuition.  A Tuition Assistance Committee of non-parents has been established for this purpose.

Registered Parishioners wishing to apply for Tuition Assistance should request the necessary forms prior to May 1st.  The forms must be filled out completely with a copy of your 2017 tax forms and returned to the school office by June 15, 2018.  Applicants  will be notified by mail in August regarding denial or acceptance.  If awarded Tuition Assistance, the amount you    will receive for the 2018-19 school year will be in the acceptance letter.
The final decision of granting assistance is reserved for the Pastor, based upon recommendations from the Finance Committee.

Parents who are currently receiving Tuition Assistance MUST REAPPLY on a yearly basis. 

VII.       Returned Check Charge

There will be a charge of $20 for any check made out to St. John's School that is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds.