Student Council


“New Year, New Student Government at St. John’s Kenmore”

Student CouncilAs the New Year commences, a new student government has been elected at St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore. Intermediate and junior high students listened to the candidates ideas and goals over the course of several days during morning announcements; the candidates also spoke with their classmates during lunch, homeroom breaks, and such voicing what they would like to initiate at the school. On Election Day, 8th graders Caroline Cook and Ryan Ensminger were elected President and Vice-President (respectively) and 7th graders Jackson Stang and Louis Cannata were elected Secretary and Treasurer (respectively) of the school’s Student Council.

“Both Caroline and I had been a part of Student Council last year and we really learned how it works,” explains Ensminger, “So this year, I feel more empowered to bring upon change to our school!” The pair hopes to bring back the “school store” and incorporate some new ideas, as well, as part of the eighth grade legacy they hope to impart.

“When the school store was created last year, it was a really good idea, but there were some problems,” notes Caroline Cook. “The offerings were limited to only school supplies and it was in a fairly remote location of the school for students to access. Our plan is to expand our offerings to include breakfast items, so if you didn’t have a chance to have breakfast, you could grab a cereal bar or some other type of food to eat before your day starts. We will continue to offer school supplies, too, but we’d like to add some other things to our stock.” Cook adds that they are looking to move the store to a more central location within the school, so they could readily provide the service to a greater number of students.

The pair are also proposing some additional initiatives, such as having students participate in morning announcements, establishing and strengthening additional clubs—including the school’s newspaper and cheer team—and creating some family events, such as a game night. Homeroom representatives are now being finalized and the council plans to meet bi-weekly to solidify these plans.

“We were not elected to make decisions,” says Cook, “but elected to connect the students with the school in giving them a voice. We see this as an opportunity of building a bridge, not a wall, in working together with our teachers, classmates, and families!”