"St. John's Students to 'Have a Heart"

1Rev. Michael Parker was asking the students of St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore what it means to “have a heart” during the school’s opening Mass of the school year.  Each year, the school adopts a liturgical theme that challenges students to put their faith in action, a central teaching point of Catholic faith.  This year, the students and faculty will find ways to assist specific groups of people.  

Father Parker, pastor of the parish, explained to the children during his homily that, “We all have a heart or we wouldn’t be alive. Physically, we depend on our hearts to pump our blood throughout our bodies.  We can feel our hearts when we run really fast or walk up the stairs.”  However, the phrase “have a heart” challenges people to stop and think about someone or something besides the individual and to do something to help a situation and people.  

 This year, St. John’s students and faculty will ponder this saying throughout the school year as they embrace their liturgical theme, “Have a Heart.”  The entire school will look for ways to extend their Christian love to others, focusing specifically on our veterans, children in need, people who are homeless, families who are refugees, and women in Africa.  Father Parker told students that he, “looks forward to hearing about all the ways our school reaches out and helps others in the coming months!”