1“Clifford the Reading Dog Visits St. John’s Spring Book Fair”

Clifford the Reading Dog was roaming the halls of St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore.  The red, friendly lab visited the school to promote reading during the school’s annual Scholastic Book Fair.  Scholastic Books sets up mini-bookstores at schools allowing students, families, and friends to shop for their favorite titles.  St. John’s book fair that gives students the opportunity to choose favorite their titles and authors while allowing the school to benefit from the sale of each book. 

This year, the school will receive over $2,000 that is used towards the purchase of new books and media for its extensive library.  Clifford the Reading Dog heightened the excitement of the book fair for kids of all ages.  While Pre-K student Natalie Cook said, “I saw the real Clifford today who is in the (story) books I read…,” seventh grader Casey Kelly nearly jumped out of his seat when Clifford entered the classroom.  Kelly explains, “I was NOT expecting a dog to walk into my math class unannounced.  All of a sudden I see this red thing coming at me…it’s great, but unexpected!”  The school’s full-time librarian, Mrs. Rosemary Leaper, organizes the drive each year with the assistance of the parents’ Home School Association.  Mrs. Leaper holds a library and media studies class each week with students from the Pre-K through grades 6, endeavoring to instill a love for reading and an understanding of all the fantastic things a library can offer!  The book fair is an essential means that allows the school to continually upgrade and enlarge its holdings.  Having Clifford in the halls helps kids to learn that the joy of reading is truly a treasure!