Choosing to Live in Ken-Ton:  Scientist and Doctor Returns Home

When Dr. Nicholas Fusco graduated from St. John the Baptist School in Kenmore back in June of 2000 and went onto St. Joseph Collegiate Institute, he did not know what his future would hold.  Pursuing his interest in the sciences, Dr. Fusco discovered his passion in pharmacy.  That passion has gone full circle and has brought him back to his Ken-Ton roots that he calls “home.”

1His parents, Gary and Jo Fusco of Tonawanda, commented that he’s always been determined when setting goals.  Upon earning his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Buffalo in 2010, he went on to the Maryland School of Pharmacy and Medical Center to complete dual residencies in both pediatric pharmacy and pharmacy practice.  He also completed the teaching certificate program to become a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist two years ago. 

Returning home to Buffalo, Dr. Fusco presently teaches at the University of Buffalo as a Clinical Professor of Pediatric Pharmacotherapy at the graduate level.  Several of the students enrolled in the program are also grads of St. John the Baptist School, which he says makes his job all the sweeter!  He also works at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo as a clinical pharmacist and continues to engage in research, as well.  Dr. Fusco has received nine professional honors and awards, including the prestigious A.B. Lemon Award from the University of Buffalo School of  Pharmacy and the Grace W. Capen Award, as well.  He has worked on several clinic projects, including developing a unit care plan for pediatric patients in intensive care and constructing infusion guidelines for pediatric nurses.  Nick has published eight articles in professional journals and has presented professionally from coast to coast, from California and Washington to Maryland and New York, and as far south as Texas and Louisiana. 

Dr. Fusco has maintained his strong ties with his parish and school community.   He comments, “To me, one of the most apparent contributions that my education at St. John’s and St. Joe’s has had on my career and life is the values that I was instilled with. The values I learned at St. John’s closely mirror those values of professionalism that we teach our students. Acquiring knowledge and competence while in pharmacy school is an essential component of education, but developing professional attitudes is just as critical to effectively serve patients and the community. These values - altruism, honesty, integrity, respect for others - are basic elements of a Catholic school education and so from a young age, even before I knew it, I was learning how to be a professional. Having these values ingrained in me helps me every day provide the best care I can to the patients that I work with, which I find very rewarding.  I am so grateful to St. John’s and St. Joe’s, and my relationships with the faculty and my peers.  And, it’s great to be back home in Western New York!”