This easy to use program earns us money every time we shop!  A percentage of every card purchased is paid directly to our school!  For our school families who are required to raise $400 through fundraising this is an easy way for those dollars to add up while you shop as you normally would BUT with one added step...Pay for your purchases with a GIFT CARD!  Gift Cards are accepted as payment just about everywhere, so plan ahead and watch your B.E.S.T. Obligation amount go down while you shop!  Gift card orders take about a week to process and arrive.  Once they are in you can have them sent home with your child, pick them up during school office hours, or arrange to pick them up at the rectory behind the school which is open until 7:30 p.m. during the week and from 9-12 on Saturdays.


Questions???  Contact: Laurie Krygier school days at 877-6401

or email lkrygier@stjohnskenmore.com

Easy steps to Gift Card Ordering: 

 #1. Download our Gift Card Order form.

This form has been customized to include vendors in our immediate area.

To print this local order form, go to www.stjohnskenmore.com and click on the "Quick Links" box on the Home Page. 

Choose the Gift Card Order Form option and the order form will be available to print out.

The printable order form lists local vendors in our immediate area. 

You can view ALL the available cards on the GLSCRIP website by visiting:


Please Note: Any cards offered through the glscrip website can be ordered for you.

There are many hotel and travel cards available on the glscrip website so if you are planning a trip, please check to see if there are any cards you can use.

#2. Fill out the order form for the cards you would like to order.

If a card you would like to purchase is not on the form, but you see they carry it through the glscrip website,please attach a note listing the name of the card and the denomination you would like to order. 

Each card offers a different percentage of the face value of the card. 

This is the amount that will be deducted from your B.E.S.T. obligation (school families only).

#3. Turn in your completed order form along with a check (payable to St. John the Baptist School) or    you can pay using cash.

Send the order form and payment to school with your child if they are a student at St. John's or it can be dropped off to the school during business hours (7:30-3:15) or left at the rectory (until 7:00 P.M. weekdays & 9:00 A.M.-Noon on Saturday).

* To earn B.E.S.T. credit for your order (school families only) please add $1.00 to your total to help defray the cost of shipping.

Cards for Top's Friendly Markets are available in $10, $25, $50 or $100 denominations.

You can also customize your Top's Gift Cards in ANY denomination up to and including $300.

These cards are ordered directly from Top's on an as needed basis.  The GLSCRIP website does NOT list Top's Cards.

A section for ordering Top's Gift Cards is listed on the last page of the downloadable Gift Card Order Form or you can send in a note detailing the denominations you would like to order.

The percentage earned for Top's Cards is 5%.



If you are in need of a GIFT and can't decide which card to choose, you can purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE to be redeemed through our Gift Card Program!

That way the recipient can choose the perfect gift card for themselves!


**The FINAL GIFT CARD ORDER to earn B.E.S.T. Credit

for the 2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR 

is due on:

Monday, March 22nd.

This is to ensure delivery before 

Easter Break.

Gift Cards will be sent home with your the child.

 If you would prefer to make other arrangements, please note that on your order form.