Teacher's Name: Mrs. Jill Parrino

Grade/Subject: 1st. Grade

Contact: jparrino@




                                                   May /June




     Dear Parents,

     During these unsettling and unprecedented times, let us be grateful

     for our St. John's Community. Let us be thankful that we chose to

     educate our children in a Catholic School where our faith is integrated

     into every part of our day.  Fear will take over, yet Jesus tells us in His

     Word, "Be not afraid." He wanted that statement to sink into us so much

     that He said it 365 times in the Bible. That is a message for us to

     remember every day of our lives. For us to truly do that, we need to try 

     and stay in the present. Do not look behind you to yesterday. Peek with

     MOMENTS of hope into tomorrow. But, above all, try to live in the

     present. Make your "present" count for you and those around you.

     Use this time to catch up on meaningful relationships, perhaps mend

     the fragile ones and above all, be the best version of yourself.  Do it for

     yourself. Do it for your children. Do it for your family. Do it for your

     friends. We are not alone. We are a family united in the Body of

     Christ. When one member is elated with happiness, we feel joy. When 

     one member is engulfed in pain, we feel sorrow. Through all times, we

     are not alone.

     My prayer for you and our St. John's Community is simply this.

                     Loving Jesus,

                     Be with us now, in this day, in this moment.

                     Cover us with Your blanket of protection.

                     Soothe and  comfort our souls.

                     Permeate our entire being with an abundance of Grace.

                     Help us in our time of trouble to know, love and serve you. 

                     And most of all my Lord, give us the strength to be a beacon

                     of light in the midst of the darkness.  

                     We ask all of these petitions in your most Holy Name

                     and with our most grateful hearts.


                        Be well my precious families,

                        Mrs. Jill Parrino












     Lent / Easter

       Prayers to be mastered:

       1. Good Morning, Jesus, I give my whole self to you today.

           I give you my life, my work and my heart.

           Please give me the grace to follow

           your every direction today.

           Thank you, Jesus. I love you. Amen

       2. God made me to be special,

           And so I smile and say,

           God I want to thank you,

           for making me this way.  Amen

       3. The Sign of the Cross

       4. Our Father

       5. Hail Mary

       6. Glory Be 



      Focus Points:

         - Decoding CVVC words (ai, ae, oa, ie)

         - Recognize problems/solutions in a text

         - Setting

         - Plot

         - Form and support opinions

         - Discuss opinions

         - Plan an opinion paragraph



         Students will learn:

           - Standard and Nonstandard Measurement

           - Time to the hour and half hour

           - Analog and digital clocks



             Sound and Light




Monday - Library 

Tuesday- Technology

Wednesday- Music 


Friday-Music & Physical Education

The children may wear blue jogging pants or shorts, 

their HSA t-shirts and sneakers to school on Fridays.

They will not be changing clothes.

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