Teacher's Name: Mrs. Carol Ann Bunny

Grade/Subject: Art

Contact: cbunny@stjohnskenmore.com


Summer Solstice 2020: Celebrate the First Day of Summer on June 20 ...


Summer 2020

In the art room, each and every student is considered an artist. A knowledge of art forms and skills will broaden their experience and deepen a child's appreciation of the visual arts. This will also help them to develop skills that they can put to use in other areas of study. 

Through various art activities, students explore their power of observation, their problem-solving skills, and their creative imagination. The student's will experience the delight of expressing themselves in ways that can be enjoyed by themselves and others.

St. John's art program offers an opportunity for children to discover, explore and experience a variety of art techniques. The children will create using form, color, lines, shapes, textures, and space. By experiencing various art techniques, each child will improve their powers of observation and creativity.

Mrs. Bunny

Teacher's Name: Mrs. Bunny
Grade/Subject: ART
Contact: cbunny@stjohnskenmore.com