Teacher's Name: Miss Lucie Bellittiere

Grade/Subject: Reading Specialist


 Ideas to Enjoy Reading in the Summer

* Reading doesn't have to only be books - Read a magazine about your child's favorite     hobby or look for information on the Web.

* Your day to day routines can provide authentic reading experiences such as cooking, reading instructions for a new game, and reading maps or brochures.

* Get reading time in while on the way to visit someone or waiting at the doctor's office.

* Rereading your favorite stories or find other books by the same author.

* Have a special time set aside to read to your child.

* Talk about books or magazine stories- Ask your child open ended questions such a     "What would you have done if you were that character?"

* Visit the library or use Overdrive to find books your child would enjoy reading.

* Reading and writing go together so have your child write new endings to a story, keep a summer journal, or write their own story or poems.

These websites will help students maintain and develop their reading skills.

Phonics/Word Attack Skills

PBS Kids - https://pbskids.org/reading  (Visit Word Girl, Martha Speaks, Sid the Science Kid)

Turtle Diary - turtlediary.com (Select your grade and choose activities in Language Arts or Math)

Story Line - www.storyonline.net (Stories read by actors)

Star Fall - www.starfall.com (letter recognition, phonics, and reading activities)

Sight Words - www.sightwords.com (sight word flash cards and games)

abcya.com - educational games and activities

If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas  Edison              


How to Find That Just Right Book

* Use the Greasy Finger Five - to find the just right book. Read the second page of the book. Hold up a finger for each word you don't know. If you have 4 or 5 fingers up, this is not a just right book and you should select a different book.

* Read books on topics that interest you, example: sports

* After you read a book, read other books in the series by the same author.

* Read books that are Caldecott or Newberry award winners.

* Ask friends for recommendations on a great book to read.


Great poetry sites:

poemfarm.amylv.com The Poem Farm (Amy Ludwig VanDerWater)



Authors of humorous poems:

Brod Bagert

Jack Prelutsky

Kenn Nesbit


Monster Hunt - A memory Game

News-O-Matic - Covers relevant news of the day in an engaging way - images, maps, videos, and games

Sight Words by little speller - practice spelling sight words

Scratch Jr. -Students can program their own interactive stories (You can have your characters move!) and games.

News-O-Matic - Students can keep To to date with current events

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot in Treasure Island.

Walt Disney